Discreet Christmas Ads Intentionally Hide From People With Color Blindness



Image via EnChroma

Most festive campaigns are family-friendly, but they’re not necessarily visible to all. Red and green, the hallmark hues of Christmas, happen to be the hardest to see for those with color vision deficiency.

People with normal vision would be able to identify Santa Claus and Rudolph in these holiday posters that EnChroma has put up at London tube stations, but the subjects are concealed from people with red–green color blindness, as are most other advertisements for this season.

The third print of the campaign features a glass of beer, splashed in yellow—a combination of red and green.

One in 12 men and one in 200 women cope with color blindness around the world, with red–green vision deficiency being the most common type of this condition.


The campaign brings to light the reality of “Christmas without color,” encouraging commuters to “give the gift of color” to affected loved ones with EnChroma glasses, which are designed to alleviate color blindness symptoms.

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