Correcting Bad Advice From The Interwebs – October 2021 Edition


Hey Occulties,So today I’d like to introduce a new series which hopefully will carry on for awhile. It is a collection of sad, hilarious, or even somewhat believable (but wrong) things regarding magic/spellcasting/the occult that I’ve located on my travel through the internet. Bad Advice Tip #1: The full moon is AMAZING for bringing things to you! Reality: Nope. The full moon and new moon are both “stagnant.” They have their purposes but it’s actually best to use the day AFTER the new moon (first day of waxing moon,) or the best planet day AFTER the new moon (so almost 2 weeks before it’s full!) to bring things to you or manifest them. The growth of the moon is thought to grow your desired need into fruition. When the moon is full, it is actually just about to start shrinking, (or give the appearance thereto,) which clearly would be unhelpful in growing an influence. I’m honestly surprised when I see “experts” claim the full moon is great for drawing things to you. It might not be bad for keeping things with you, but no, the day after the new moon until first quarter is the superior time for “to bring to you, to draw up, to grow,” etc. Bad Advice Tip #2: If you find a feather on the ground, you need to ask the bird who dropped it to use it in your spells or else it’s CURSED!!!!Reality: I assure you, the bird gives not one shit if you find the feather it molted off and use it for something. If you pull it out of the living bird it will give many shits (and a screech,) but a dropped feather is usually a relief to that bird because he or she is getting the new ones in, and it was probably kind of itchy. The birds ancestors, and the bird itself are about as freaked out as you would be seeing a bird flying off with a hair that came out of your hairbrush so it can line it’s nest with it. Some of you would freak out about that, but I assure you, the bird is literally just using something you dropped that you don’t want anymore, just like you are if you use it’s feather. There are some legal concerns about possessing songbird feathers or raptor feathers. I would check with your local, state, and federal laws if this is a huge concern.HOWEVER, you aren’t angering the bird or the bird spirits by using a found feather in your magic. Just take the cool feather, and use it if you know the bird it came from and what magical uses there may be for that feather. Bad Advice Tip #3: Put a 7-day vigil candle in water to prevent fire accidents!Reality: That might actually encourage the possibility of the glass chimney exploding when it’s a risk any time you use these candles (just not as great of one in some cases over others.) It’s not the worst advice, but I’d strongly recommend something like ocean sand or traction sand (SAND being the key word) around the base. It’s not flammable, fire retardant, and also holds heat well without surface transference. I like to put them on a bed of sand in a coffee can, then pour sand around them. Even if the chimney part explodes, the whole candle continues to burn itself out. It’s never been a fire issue. Bad Advice Tip #4: All spellcasters are called “witches” regardless of practice or gender!Reality: The term witch is actually derogatory to a lot of people who are not neopagan. The original word did come from “wise” so a wisewoman or wiseman, sure. But you know gay used to mean lighthearted and carefree, and the last time I went to gay party it was my friend’s birthday at the gay bar where there were a lot of homosexuals who referred to themselves using the term “gay.” Come to think of it, it was gay not only because it was lighthearted and carefree, but also because the vast majority of the people there were gay gentlemen. But my point being, words can change meaning over time, so the meaning of witch has undergone some changes in it’s lifetime just like the word gay has. So…when we say “witch” we might mean the traditional meaning of it, we might mean Wiccan or Neo-Pagan, too, and we might mean bad poisonous evil person. A fair amount of the time outside of Neo-Pagan and Wiccan circles, it tends to be seen as a less than positive term for someone. So while you might be well meaning when you say it, use the term judiciously. Many paradigms prefer different terms like Magician or Spellcaster. Bad Advice Tip #5: When spellcasting, just throw things in as your intuition tells you to!Reality: This is a bit like saying “When doing major heart surgery without any training on the anatomy or function of the heart, just do what your intuition tells you! I’m sure it won’t lead to any problems in the outcome of that surgery!” If you aren’t adept at magic and if you are unable to do work without looking up the correspondences of each ingredient (and lack the practice to know the meaning and use of every single ingredient as well as what all actions and etc are for,) this is the absolute worst advice possible. Please LEARN MAGIC, and don’t assume that you can just wing it because it sounds like fun. While I do realize some of the above have been posted before in some Questions You’ve Asked Me form, I figured this would be a good type of new article. Still working on that spell article. :)~Cat

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