Coronavirus Surge, Chase Pay Yourself Points, PPP Fraud, Extinction for Restaurants

We bring you the latest on the mega coronavirus surge, how to Chase Pay Yourself points, warn you about PPP Fraud, extinction for restaurants, the best Covid-19 coverage, best travel photography, where not to go to buy alcohol, travel to Dolomites and Barcelona, we go into a very long list of Trump’s cruelties, we dive into conspiracies, sex crazed cicadas, a good history lesson about China and a lot more as the blog is contemplating changes in July to make me feel better for pouring hours into it and earning $1.28 over the weekend, sad!

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I am still trying to understand how these viruses work in general. This is probably the best visual explanation I have seen: Inside the Coronavirus.

We have spent trillions of dollars and counting…only to get to this after all these months, WTF! The Second Coronavirus Surge is Here. For an updated chart, check this one out. I am starting with these because a blog reader recently called me unethical and clickbait whore (basically) for…focusing on the number of cases, so there… 🙂

And just to pour it on: Florida reports massive single-day increase of 9,000 coronavirus cases. If only someone had warned them, smh!

Oh, wait, say what? CDC says COVID-19 cases in U.S. may be 10 times higher than reported.

I am noticing people around me and I see younger people totally oblivious to what is going on. Recently, up in East Lansing, Michigan, the home of Michigan State University, there were a bunch of students at a bar without any masks or social distancing (in a bar, lol!) and we are close to 100 who got infected by Covid-19. And I am sure they were all like “I could not beliebe it!”. What did we expect? So, I attribute this to them…but maybe there is something else going on? Bottom line, many of the younger infected people are asymptomatic and are most likely responsible for the spike in infections, no doubt!  As Virus Surges, Younger People Account for ‘Disturbing’ Number of Cases.

“What is clear is that the proportion of people who are younger appears to have dramatically changed,” said Joseph McCormick, a professor of epidemiology at UTHealth School of Public Health in Brownsville. “It’s really quite disturbing.” [Sure is dude!]

But we do have good news out there too! Coronavirus death rate falling in hospitals. The medical people have learned a lot about what works or not treating patients and this will continue.

We have a long way to go here…The Secret to a Safe Reopening

By contrast, countries that didn’t shore up their ability to test, trace, and isolate before reopening have proved much less able to respond to new outbreaks. The United States and Brazil are in this boat, but so are the United Kingdom and, to a lesser degree, Sweden, both of which have relaxed restrictions and taken steps to reopen despite lingering questions about their ability to identify and contain outbreaks and to protect the vulnerable.

Yeah, I think years from now there will be investigations about WTF happened to the CDC! The CDC Lost Control Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Then The Agency Disappeared. The mistakes have been tremendous bordering to criminally incompetent, sad!

DJ Patil was the Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy from 2015 to 2017. He has some recommendations on what to do…if only we had competent people running things with proper leadership at the top hey? 6 lessons learned to get ready for the next wave of COVID. He may be lobbying to come back with Biden…

I think I read in the local press (online of course, not much in print anymore, how sad!) that out of the 107 dead from Covid-19 in my county more than half were 80 years and older. Not a huge surprise. But what shocked me was…that only one was under 50! Sometimes I feel…let me just get it so I get it over with…because I feel strong enough to beat the crap out of it. But, then, what if…


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Well, our hobby is pretty much stuck in a weird suspended mode. Not much traveling going on. Yeah, some of us are still earning miles and points from current spend because, well, we don’t know what else to do lol. But the grand plans of scheming to earn miles/points in great quantities and planning amazing trips are…just not happening. And now we are looking to unload some of our banked balances: Why I Redeemed 1/3 of my Chase Ultimate Rewards Points with the Pay Yourself Back Feature.

I had a calendar reminder to log into my Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account to burn 51,000 miles expiring at the end of June. Only to see that the airline extended their life another six months, phew!


This is just wonderful: The Haunting Beauty of a Hut-to-Hut Hike in the Dolomites.

A deck at Rifugio Lagazuoi offers panoramic views over some of the most famous mountains in the Dolomites, including Pelmo and Civetta.
A deck at Rifugio Lagazuoi offers panoramic views over some of the most famous mountains in the Dolomites, including Pelmo and Civetta.

We continue with more amazing stuff. Breathtaking Aerial Shots Of Barcelona, Revealing The City’s Symmetry.
Breathtaking Aerial Shots Of Barcelona, Revealing The City's Symmetry

Well, if you travel there, bring some dinero if you want to drink: These countries have the most expensive alcohol in the world.


Excellent read: Breaking The Rules.

I have stated this before…brace for shocking fraud to be uncovered in the future on all this PPP money given away: The rapid rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program raises fraud risk, government watchdog finds.


I know my blog’s conversions absolutely suck more than ever. I could really help this goal if I made my blog completely void of politics so some of my conservative readers (whoever is left) may support it with some clicks. But then…that would not be me! So, I lay it all out here as always and let the clicks fall where they may…which is elsewhere, sad lol! And now something to drive away the few Trump supporters who found their way to my blog by pure accident woohoo! A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes. Yikes!

It sure seems like we run into conspiracies so often these days! You’re Living in the Golden Age of Conspiracy Theories.

“This pandemic is ripe ground for conspiracy theories, precisely because a lot of the psychological elements that give rise to conspiracy theories are heightened: powerlessness and anxiety and uncertainty,” Enders says. “In the middle of a pandemic, all we have is anxiety. It stems from uncertainty: What’s actually happening? When is this gonna be over? When will we have a vaccine? How are things going to work when states start opening?”

Trying to reason with these conspiracy nuts is a waste of time, the key is to outvote them 🙂

There’s no amount of evidence, in some people’s minds, that you could ever bring to bear on a question to make them disbelieve in a particular conspiracy theory, because every new piece of evidence is part of the conspiracy. So, if we’re talking about people on the reasonably high end of the conspiracy thinking spectrum, for them, there’s never an end. [the bold font was added by me for emphasis, I see you nodding your head 🙂 ]

There is a long history of how the Republican party is staying white when the country is becoming less and less white. The Republican Choice. How a party spent decades making itself white. And with that…the last Republican reader left my blog to go read…View From The Wing LOL!


In Ann Arbor we have had eleven restaurants that have already closed. There are more coming. It is sad to watch this…but this industry, along with travel and events (concerts/sports/conferences), are getting hit like never before! An Extinction Event for America’s Restaurants. Start adjusting to the fact that there is going to be a lot less of them around…I must warn you that reading this may depress you too!

Sure, some of the restaurants you know and love will return. But anywhere from 20 to 80 percent will permanently close, according to the latest estimates.

This is a deep and long article on China’s Approach to Global Governance. And it is extremely educational!

Well, you would have never guessed: 8 Slowest Animals in the World. Half of them I did not even know! See all the cool stuff you learn here that you can use to show off to your friends…via Zoom?

Dude finds caterpillars in the broccoli he bought and…you won’t believe what happened next!

They are baaaaaaaack! Invading Cicadas May Turn Into Sex-Crazed Zombies This Summer. Wait, there is more…OMG! Millions of cicadas are making a joyous debut after 17 years underground — except those whose butts and genitals have been eaten by a fungus. 


We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

In June I ran 120 miles! Only two PR times, this 10 mile run this past weekend and an 8 mile run earlier this month. Both by less than one minute, sad! As I get older, these PR times are falling less and less…

Another song recommendation from my youth, 30 years ago Sonic Youth came out with the album “Goo”…which still sounds fresh to this day! And my favorite singer 🙂

Sonic Youth – Kool Thing

And I leave you with this…

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