Coronavirus latest updates: two MPs self-isolate over conference scare – live news

One of nine people diagnosed with the virus attended a central London conference with more than 200 delegates. Attendees included two Labour MPs

Airline passengers who have sat within two rows of a person suspected to have caught coronavirus should be quarantined, according to guidance published by the government today for transport staff.

The guidance released by the Department for Transport states: “Any contacts of a possible case need to be isolated or quarantined. In practice for passengers who have travelled via airplane, this will include all passengers in the 2 rows in front and behind of where the possible case was sat.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) will join forces with China to start its investigation into the coronavirus outbreak in the country this weekend, the organisation’s director has announced.

The joint-mission will probe how the disease is spreading and its severity, seeking more precise details on the circumstances surrounding how more than 1,700 health workers have been infected.

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