Confined in rental apartments, millennials decorate virtual homes

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Interior design apps are on the rise as homeownership rates among people under 35 have fallen by 20% in the last decade

Out of a desperate desire to avoid the doom-and-gloom news reel for at least a few hours a day and with Covid-19 keeping me confined at home, I have become interiors-obsessed. There’s no more pleasant distraction than searching for the perfect rug to really pull a room together, debating variations of patterned wallpaper, or agonizing over exactly how many scatter cushions are too many scatter cushions.

An hour or two a day can easily be wiled away planning a whole-house refurbishment. The only problem is, like most young people, I don’t actually own a home that I can decorate. Instead, I’ve been sucked into the world of decorating apps, and their creators have been expecting people like me – permanently renting millennials, AKA “Generation Rent”.

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