Fury built inside Melissa Ludtke when she read about a second recent revelation of sexual harassment of female reporters in Major League Baseball. She had fought against sexist treatment when she was in the same role earlier in her career, so the topic is personal. In 1977, Ludtke and TimeContinue Reading

They have endured the indignity of being addressed in their uniforms as “he” or “sir’’ at first blush and at times sexism, too, when injured skiers balk at a woman taking charge of getting them down the mountain on a rescue toboggan. But as the number of women in skiContinue Reading

Dianne Durham, the first Black woman to win the U.S.A. Gymnastics national championship, who was later denied a shot at the Olympics by an ill-timed injury, died on Feb. 4 in Chicago. She was 52. Her sister, Alice Durham Woods, confirmed the death, at Swedish Hospital on the North Side,Continue Reading