CHICAGO — Going out to dinner with Jose Abreu, the reigning winner of the American League Most Valuable Player Award, can be a challenge. At least it is for his teammates on the Chicago White Sox who try to pay their fair share. “He always tries to pay,” third basemanContinue Reading

The Giants moved the ball sharply, at times impressively. Then they settled for a field goal. Repeat. On a solid night for Daniel Jones — 22 for 32 for 249 yards passing, and 95 yards rushing — the Giants couldn’t convert when it really mattered on Thursday night in Washington.Continue Reading

They would have expected anger. As Barcelona’s players chased shadows on Tuesday night, as Bayern Munich toyed with them and teased them and tore through them, time and time again, they would almost have been waiting for the fury to come, for the Camp Nou to bare its teeth. ThatContinue Reading

Last-second field goals. Teams flooding the field for congratulatory hugs before the game officially ended. Nine underdogs upsetting their opponents. The first week of the N.F.L. season gave fans enough drama to make up for the seven months of off-season inactivity. It will be hard to re-create that theater, butContinue Reading

Outside, in the bright Parisian sunshine, the world’s news media lined up on the edge of the field at the Parc des Princes. Producers fiddled busily with cameras and boom microphones. Reporters chattered away, dutifully filling airtime before their designated interview slots. They were under strict instructions and constraints: threeContinue Reading