Hey everyone,My schedule is rapidly filling for this week and reading spots are limited, due to the holiday. Please schedule your readings ASAP to avoid waiting a week to be scheduled in. All clients who pay at the time of scheduling (rather than waiting until we have our reading,) payContinue Reading

Good afternoon, Occulties,So, as we all know, there is absolutely no reasoning with a person who’s all fired up and angry, right? Telling someone to calm down is about as effective as getting your cat to settle down by throwing a bucket of ice water on it. While giving someone someContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,People often want to know if some event is a “sign,” (the reality is if I cast the spells for the client, I generally get the signs, but they might have indicators of potential manifestation such as hearing via mutual friends that their ex is asking after them,) andContinue Reading

Scott Midson’s Cyborg Theology and Kathleen Richardson’s An Anthropology of Robots and AI both trace histories of technology and human-machine interactions, and both make use of fictional narratives as well as other theoretical techniques. The goal of Midson’s book is to put forward a new understanding of what it meansContinue Reading

This is a remastered/re-uploaded version of an old 2015 talk by Dan Attrell entitled “Those Who Hold Up Broad Heaven: Pillars, Columns, and the Eliadean Axis Mundi in Homer’s Odyssey” which discusses the nature of ‘sacred space’ in the Greek epic. http://www.themodernhermeticist.com Bibliography: Eliade, Mircea. Images and Symbols: Studies inContinue Reading

Divulging the Eleusinian Mystery [Remastered Documentary] The Eleusinia was an agrarian cult based out of an ancient temple site dedicated to the goddesses Demeter and Kore just northwest of Athens. While this cult survived the entire duration of Greco-Roman Antiquity, initiating hundreds of thousands, very little is known about itContinue Reading

An introduction to the relatively new field of western esotericism focusing on the scope of field including magic, mysticism, alchemy, theosophy, and more; several of the dominant academic approaches to the field; where to study western esotericism at the university level Support Esoterica on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/esotericachannel Recommended Readings: Antoine FaivreContinue Reading