Just a temporary message to remind clients to that I have up to five business days to reply (despite that basically never happening and normally being 12 hours or less,) and that should you refuse to wait for my reply and persistently email me, this merely resets your wait.For example,Continue Reading

Hey kids,Did I ever tell you that I’m a slob and often will schedule readings by agreeing on a time with you, then putting them on a sticky note (with the idea of putting them in my schedule book “later”) and attaching them to a computer, which then runs theContinue Reading

Hey kids,So I’m super happy to have my life back (I don’t mind helping a friend, but that was a pretty hectic two weeks, haha), and I’m going to make an offer – any purchase of a seven-day spell will get you a FREE half hour reading. If you’re unsureContinue Reading

Hey everyone,I realize it’s right around the first of the month, which means it’s “bill time” for many of us. That aside, it’s absolutely ridiculous that even though I’ve asked everyone KEEP THEIR APPOINTMENTS as there is currently a minimum of availability (I am experiencing a 3-4 day wait betweenContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,Since I basically started this blog 17 years ago to just speak about common misconceptions and errors regarding spellcasting, the occult, and the paranormal which I saw people making on now defunct chat groups (it was really more to entertain myself than anything else….little did I know what itContinue Reading