Hey Occulties,Since I basically started this blog 17 years ago to just speak about common misconceptions and errors regarding spellcasting, the occult, and the paranormal which I saw people making on now defunct chat groups (it was really more to entertain myself than anything else….little did I know what itContinue Reading

Hello Occulties,While I find it amusing to occasionally wander into chatrooms and groups and social media places where people who would rather I not say anything inhabit such corners of the interwebs (hehe,) lately I’ve been seeing a lot of this:”When I say ‘Righty-tightey, lefty-loosey’ is that a spell?”*”If IContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,So after many years of complaining about parrot bites in my deck, missing corners on a card or two and just enough damage they probably should have been replaced 2 years ago, I’ve finally cracked a new deck to begin the process of seasoning them for use, which willContinue Reading

Hi Occulties,So today I’d like to discuss a problem I see on chat groups, and sites that offer a place for people to make an audience where someone can make broad predictions about the global future (sort of like here in Portland we used to have Monument Square Jesus, whoContinue Reading

Dear Subscriber, The Mumbai ULT Programme for July-Aug-Sep 2021 has been formulated and uploaded to our web site. Please obtain your digital copy from here. If you have any questions about the programmes or schedule, please feel free to contact us directly. Yours Sincerely, ULT India. ~~~~~~~~~ Ad. Use PAYONEERContinue Reading

Hey everyone,So I keep getting nagged with “Cat, do a reading sale!” And OK fine. 😛 Let’s make it big, too. So… Readings are:$50 for the half hour ($20 OFF REGULAR PRICE)$90 for the full hour ($35 OFF REGULAR PRICE!)AND if you are buying in bulk today (because I know myContinue Reading