Hey kids,Well my fiasco with bed bugs (yes, I had bed bugs – ewwwww,) is almost over, which is delightful because It also means I can spend more time in my home on the phone with you or writing articles, so here’s my sale….BUY a regular seven day spell (basicallyContinue Reading

Hey everyone,HOLD THOSE EMAILS! I had an old card for my domain renewal, so it will take a little bit for my nameservers to redirect back, but my domain name needed an updated card to renew – d’oh! – so please be patient while that settles back into place. IContinue Reading

Hey everyone,Because I really can’t take a lot more of the “bad education” in some other larger “beginner groups” (it was fun for like a week, now all of the miseducation is driving me bananas,) I made my own group. As a plus, I can put my new articles upContinue Reading

Hey Kids,So as you know, I’m trying to update my site and my blog a bit. People LOOOOOOOVE spell images. However, people DO NOT love having their spellwork posted. 🙁 I’m willing to take some money off of the price of some larger orders if you’re willing to allow meContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,So, let’s start with the GOOD part of the story. So, yesterday, despite it not being a superb mooncycle for such things (which is why I called a spirit which I am very friendly with,) I had a very very awesome session with a very awesome spirit. As someContinue Reading