Hey kids,I have some super exciting news. A friend of mine is sick of selling spellcasting stuff, has closed their retail location, and has offered to sell off their remaining stock at half off wholesale price to me. While some of it is not really stuff I’d use (it’s aContinue Reading

Dear ones,Just to let you know, in an effort to get some writing (real writing of spell articles) done, while simultaneously having time to unpack all my things (I’ve literally not unpacked much of much in the last month,) I will not be available for readings from January 15-31st, resumingContinue Reading

Hey Occulties,Welcome to 2022. I sure am happy to leave 2021 behind – what a nightmare year, and I’m STILL not financially caught up! :/ If you want to hit my gofundme (I’ll link at the bottom,) feel free. I’m still sleeping on a battered futon, so my goal forContinue Reading

Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay in posting. I finally have the internet fixed (it was going in and out) but that does not simplify the huge time-drain which is scheduling readings (such a huge pain in my butt,) so I’m hiring a virtual assistant. This will entirely cut down onContinue Reading

Hey Kids,So, after moving away from my old place (I legit lost 90% of my furniture!) last week, getting financially butt-raped by UHaul (because no one helps you move during thanksgiving so I got to pay them for several extra days!) I get to spend my birthday unpacking, cleaning, andContinue Reading