Most technical functional units are built bit by bit according to a well-designed construction plan. The components are sequentially put in place by humans or machines. Life, however, starts bottom-up with molecular self-assembly. To better understand the growth of macroscopic structures from molecules, a research team has mimicked such processesContinue Reading

New research explains some of these functions through a computer algorithm inspired by the mammalian olfactory system. The algorithm both sheds light on how the brain works and, applied to a computer chip, rapidly and reliably learns patterns better than existing machine learning models. * This article was originally publishedContinue Reading

Boris Johnson holds daily briefing; shops under pressure to close; rough sleepers race against time to self-isolate No 10 denies claim Dominic Cummings argued to ‘let old people die’ Shop and factory closures ‘will push UK into deep recession’ Follow our global coronavirus coverage live Rishi Sunak under pressure toContinue Reading