A Professor of Education and Social Policy and of Economics at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University, David Figlio, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss Figlio’s latest research, which explores how Florida’s private school choice program affected students in public schools. Figlio’s paper, “Effects of Scaling Up PrivateContinue Reading

How did the Enlightenment change the course of history? Why were elements of the established church so bitterly opposed to it? And are its ideals still relevant in the 21st century? Ritchie Robertson answers listener questions on the intellectual and philosophical movement that swept Europe in the 17th and 18thContinue Reading

In a conversation recorded as part of our virtual lecture series, Olivette Otele discusses her book African Europeans: An Untold History, which charts the long history of Africans in Europe and explores the role that African individuals – from enslaved people to Roman emperors and medieval saints – have playedContinue Reading

Kate Vigurs discusses the 39 female agents of the Special Operation Executive’s F-section, a diverse cohort of women recruited to carry out resistance work in occupied France during the Second World War – from wireless operation to crucial planning for D-Day. Kate Vigurs is the author of Mission France: TheContinue Reading