Now that there’s light at the end of this very dark tunnel thanks to vaccines developed in a miraculously short time, we are all looking forward to life getting back to normal. But that doesn’t mean everything should go back to exactly the way it was pre-pandemic. Some of theContinue Reading

Strolling through the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew on a summer’s day is a veritable assault on the senses. Lush green lawns stretch far into the distance; row upon row of colourful plants and flowers turn their faces to the sun, their many scents rising in the heat. So dazzlingContinue Reading

Some lame-duck presidents and lawmakers managed to pack in major, sometimes stinging initiatives during their final weeks in office. Americans borrowed the term “lame duck” from the British, who first applied the insult to bankrupt businessmen in the 18th century and then to 19th-century politicians whose time in office wasContinue Reading

Early American colonists may not have had electricity, plumbing or cars, but they found ways to make daily life easier with these objects. It should come as no surprise that people living in the original 13 colonies lived harder lives than contemporary Americans, without the benefit of the modern conveniences.Continue Reading

Emma Griffin tackles internet search queries and questions submitted by listeners about Britain’s Industrial Revolution, from the key inventions and cultural impact to workers’ rights and child labour. Explore more episodes in our ‘Everything you wanted to know’ podcast series How to download the HistoryExtra podcast Download as MP3 JournalContinue Reading

In a lecture he delivered at our 2019 History Weekend in Chester based on his book, A Deadly Legacy: German Jews and the Great War, Tim Grady reveals how German Jews played a central role in the First World War, and considers how they were impacted by the legacies ofContinue Reading

Edward Brooke-Hitching discusses his book The Madman’s Library, which tells the stories of some of history’s strangest literary curiosities, from hoax manuscripts and books of demonology to volumes written in blood or bound in human skin. How to download the HistoryExtra podcast Download as MP3 Journal of Human Hypertension Ad.Continue Reading