To mark HistoryExtra’s 1,000th episode, Dan Jones takes us on a whistlestop tour through the last millennium of British history, touching on some of the most memorable moments and reinterrogating the familiar stories we tell about our national past. Dan Jones is the author of Crusaders: An Epic History of theContinue Reading

AUDIO The Director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation, Corey DeAngelis, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss DeAngelis’ new report, which investigates the rate of school reopenings amid the pandemic against funding in each district. DeAngelis’ report, “Are School Reopening Decisions Related to Funding? Evidence from Over 12,000 DistrictsContinue Reading

Professor Matthew Restall tackles popular search queries and listener questions about the central American civilisation. Where did the Maya live? What did they eat? And did they really predict that the world would end in 2012? Matthew Restall is the co-author (with Amara Solari) of The Maya: A Very ShortContinue Reading

Historian Sean McMeekin discusses his revisionist new history of the Second World War, which places Josef Stalin at the centre of the conflict. He shows how the Soviet dictator outmanoeuvred both enemies and allies to secure his own ends. Sean McMeekin is the author of Stalin’s War (Allen Lane, 2021)Continue Reading

Marxist thinkers believe that the major events of history were driven not by the actions of individual men and women but by strong, sweeping economic, social and political forces. Nothing contradicts the theory as powerfully as the life and career of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the man who led the firstContinue Reading

Elaine Farrell shares the stories of incarcerated Irish women, from daily routines inside a convict prison to relationships with staff and contact with the outside world. She also asks what their experiences can tell us about the lives of working-class women in 19th-century Ireland more generally. Elaine Farrell is theContinue Reading