Hospitals have spent the past few weeks racing to respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis, supplementing shortages of equipment, calling back retired personnel, and transforming entire hospital wings to care for infected patients. So when Congress included $100 billion in the stimulus package passed last week to help hospitals andContinue Reading

The United Nations on Tuesday called for the launch of a "large-scale, coordinated and comprehensive multilateral response" to the coronavirus pandemic, an ambitious proposal that would amount to at least one-tenth of the global gross domestic product. In a 26-page report, the intergovernmental organization outlined an action plan to addressContinue Reading

China and Russia continue to use the global coronavirus crisis to spread false reports and other online disinformation, according to the latest update published Wednesday from the European External Action Service’s team dedicated to highlighting such digital tactics. The group, called East Stratcom and whose mandate includes debunking fake news originating fromContinue Reading