Kenya is one of the prime reasons for visiting Africa. Apart from its people and outstanding hospitality, both Africa and Kenya are something beyond their culture and tradition. If you have ever been on a wildlife safari, you should know that Kenya offers the best experience in the entire world,Continue Reading

Canada has many great cities worth exploring. Every one of them has its own unique story, an intriguing background, lots of places to see, and things to do. Canada has a great culture, exceptional natural beauty, lovely cuisine, and its people are some of the friendliest in the world. TakingContinue Reading

Are you just thinking about taking a trip to Oman? Have you heard a lot about the country and seen photos of the breathtaking mountain landscapes, the wadis, the sea, and the desert?  Are you curious but still undecided? You shouldn’t be, because Oman is a very safe and open-mindedContinue Reading

Mayonnaise is flavored fat that’s been processed in a special way to make it spreadable, even when it’s cold. The concept rests on the intuition that fat is good; flavored fat is better; and (in certain situations) creamy, spreadable flavored fat is best of all. Learn how to make mayonnaiseContinue Reading

It’s never too early to think of the biggest beer party on the planet, the Munich’s Oktoberfest. With the cancellation of the 2020 edition, there’s more reason for us to look forward to the 2021 festivities. For this year, the event is set to start September 18 and ends OctoberContinue Reading