MainStreet helps high-growth startups find and claim tax credits. Based in San Jose, California, it primarily serves tech companies with more than five employees in the United States. The average company discovers $51,040 in 20 minutes by working with MainStreet. Challenge Not only is MainStreet’s ideal customer profile (ICP) veryContinue Reading

The first time I watched a DVD, I was blown away by the image quality. The image was so detailed, sharp and clear. Compared to DVDs, my VHS tapes looked like I was watching through a dirty window. I couldn’t go back. And I couldn’t imagine the picture getting anyContinue Reading

The Chipotle app encourages customers to spend more with challenges and badges. Chipotle In 2021 alone, Chipotle has reached $2 billion in digital sales. Chipotle's VP of Digital Marketing credits the chain's mobile app and loyalty program for the success. Digital sales account for 48.5% of Chipotle's total sales, upContinue Reading

Insurers have been advised to cease their cancellations and non-renewals in wildfire affected communities. California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has issued notices to homeowners’ insurance companies regarding the cessation of cancellations and non-renewals in communities suffering wildfire emergencies. Lara’s notices have advised insurers to stop such behaviors or risk violatingContinue Reading