Gates Courtesy of the Gates Foundation For years, Bill Gates has forged a nerdy, likable public image, with his many philanthropic efforts. This persona, in contrast with the more outspoken, eccentric billionaires of his time, made him more relatable. But his advances toward female employees, his hiring of dubious charactersContinue Reading

A Union Pacific train derailed in Minnesota on Saturday. Albert Lea Police Department Authorities said no one was injured in a major train derailment in Minnesota on Saturday. It's unclear what was in the cars, and police said Hazmat crews were on scene. Videos posted to social media showed pilesContinue Reading

The content machine never stops churning. Creators face the arduous task of continually spinning up media that’s attention-grabbing, informative and engaging—often, with limited resources and on a tight timeline. You’ve been there before: on the clock to create content for LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads or write a blog post, withContinue Reading

One look at the housing market these days will tell you almost all you need to know about it. Prices are on the rise, interest rates are low, and although hundreds of thousands of people are looking for homes to buy, it’s a seller’s market and pickings are slim. ThereContinue Reading

Visiting the United Kingdom for the first time? Visiting a new country can be extremely daunting and individuals can often feel nervous as well as excited before visiting one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Here is a list of things and tips to keep in mind whilstContinue Reading