Best of Web: 9/11 Windows on the World Manager, Florida Covid-19 ICU, The Other Afghan Women, US 9/11 Response, 2021 Drone Photo Awards


Here is another post with five links about a must read story featuring the  9/11 Windows on the World restaurant manager who lost 79 of his employees that horrific day, 12 hours in a Florida Covid-19 ICU, the other Afghan women, the over handed and too expanded and way too long US 9/11 response and finish with some amazing photographs in the 2021 Drone Photo Awards. Thanks for reading and special thanks to the one reader who got a credit card with my links and the two readers doing monthly Paypal donations to keep this ship going for I am not sure how long, it's been almost nine years blogging in obscurity!


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The Best of Web posts are much shorter in length with material that is a notch or two above what you see in the regular TBB posts.

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He Was the Manager of Windows on the World

This is the best read since my last Best of Web issue. By far. Wow! I think I was shaking at some point reading this…

‘I Was Responsible for Those People’ – The manager of Windows on the World survived 9/11, while 79 of his employees died. He’s still searching for permission to move on.

Stories like this deserve a subscription to The Atlantic imho. No excerpts. Read the whole thing. And please sit down before you do, you have been warned.


Twelve Hours in a Florida Covid-19 ICU

Before another anti-vaxx person falls ill and begs the medical personnel to save their ass, maybe read this to get a sense of what they are going through and, I don't know, if you have any dignity left perhaps be kind to them and get yourselves and those around you that you supposedly love vaccinated? So, we can beat this thing and give these people who have been so beat up for so long a break for a change? Come on!

On this ward at Morton Plant Hospital, nurses are overwhelmed by the number of new, desperate cases.

I feel horrible traveling to Utah next week. I want to do my part to  not add to their burden. At least I am not flying to the Maldives…


The Other Afghan Women

In the countryside, the endless killing of civilians turned women against the occupiers who claimed to be helping them.

A couple of things about this one as I was reading it. First, I felt sorry for these people and thinking how lucky we all are not living in such a place. Also, holy crap, when you get to the point of them preferring Taliban then you know you lost all arguments as occupiers. Or maybe we tried to save them by more violence…Hopeless.


After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong

A mission to rid the world of “terror” and “evil” led America in tragic directions.

As a society, we succumbed to fear.

We chose the wrong way to seek justice.

At home, we reorganized the government the wrong way.

Abroad, we squandered the world’s goodwill.

We picked the wrong enemies.   

Can you  imagine  if we kept the mission in Afghanistan to destroy/degrade Al-Quaeda and get Osama bin Laden and did not shift it to searching for “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq? And left Afghanistan 10 years ago? And all this money instead spent on, I don't know, infrastructure, fight poverty, lower taxes and stuff like that? Maybe, public health too?

Never mind…

Dark and heavy themes today, let's finish this post with something uplifting ok?


The Best Pictures Of 2021 Drone Photo Awards

These are amazing, enjoy!

Passaggio Sospeso By Paolo Crocetta (Highly Commended In Urban Category)
Passaggio Sospeso By Paolo Crocetta

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