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Ads. Wanna change your life? Follow the link: Spotify will spend nearly $200 million over the next few years to acquire The Ringer, an online publication for sports and pop culture, according to an SEC filing. The purchase, which Spotify confirmed last week, is the streaming platform’s latest moveContinue Reading

With their translucent bells, moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) move around the oceans in a very efficient way. Scientists have now used a mathematical model to investigate how these cnidarians manage to use their neural networks to control their locomotion even when they are injured. The results may also contribute toContinue Reading

A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered food-delivery startup DoorDash to arbitrate more than 5,000 workers’ labor disputes, a ruling that could cost the company millions. In a decision on Feb. 10, US district judge William Alsup wrote that for decades employers have forced arbitration clauses and class-action waivers,Continue Reading