The New York City subway is a terrible place for productivity. During the morning commute, the crowds force many people to stand, one hand occupied by a pole for balance, so getting any real work done is often impossible. Riders can use their phones to browse their inboxes or draftContinue Reading

  The Caribbean is a go-to destination for incredible hotels and resorts, which increasingly feature wellness components ranging from opulent spa packages to unplugged holistic retreats. I’ve visited many top offerings, which purposefully limit Wi-Fi so guests can focus on being present. One of my most memorable experiences was anContinue Reading

Ads. Wanna change your life? Follow the link: Midtown 941 2nd Avenue (917) 970-1188 It’s not often that we travel to midtown, but when we do it’s usually for a good reason, and Blank Slate is one of them. This cafe is really on top of it, whenContinue Reading

Government backs high-speed rail line despite spiralling costs that could top £100bn All the day’s politics news – live Boris Johnson’s cabinet has given its approval for the whole of the HS2 high-speed train line to go ahead, with work expected to start within weeks. The prime minister announced hisContinue Reading

L’été dernier le Vatican avait publié un texte destiné à aider les enseignants dans les écoles catholiques à contrer “l’idéologie” du genre, qui “nie la différence naturelle entre un homme et une femme”, tout en privilégiant dialogue et ouverture. * This article was originally published here

Ads. Wanna change your life? Follow the link: Faced with muted consumer demand amid a slowing economy, India’s top value-fashion retailers are holding off expansion plans. Players such as the Gurugram-based V-Bazaar and Delhi-based 1-India Family Mart, which operate mostly in tier-2, -3, and -4 towns, have indicated openingContinue Reading

The death of F2 driver Anthoine Hubert at last year’s Belgian Grand Prix had no single cause and no-one was to blame, the official report says. * This article was originally published here