NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks with Lisa Kaplan, founder of Alethea Group and former digital director for Sen. Angus King’s 2018 campaign, about whether campaigns are prepared for online disinformation. * This article was originally published here

Updated February 4, 2020, at 10:35 a.m. When a new disease emerges, health organizations turn to a seemingly simple number to gauge whether the outbreak will spread. It’s called the basic reproduction number—R0, pronounced R-nought—and though useful for decision makers, it’s a nightmare for public communication. In brief, R0 isContinue Reading

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Maya Phillips writes about a new stage adaptation of “Dracula,” by the playwright Kate Hamill, which literalizes the threats and microaggressions that women face daily. * This article was originally published here

Researchers found that a natural product from the fungus Fusicoccum amygdali stabilizes a family of proteins in the cell that mediate important signaling pathways involved in the pathology of cancer and neurological diseases. * This article was originally published here

The spread of the deadly coronavirus has rattled the tech industry. From iPhones to LCD televisions, much of the world’s consumer technology is either made in China, or relies on parts made there. The nation is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones, computers, and televisions. It exports billions ofContinue Reading