Dr. Eric Jacobsohn, an intensive-care physician in Winnipeg, says the province was ‘living under an illusion’ that it would escape a third wave, but he believes recent pandemic restrictions are a step in the right direction after Manitoba became the province with the highest COVID-19 infection rate per capita.  »»» SubscribeContinue Reading

Jimbaran hotel is one of the most luxurious commercial establishments that offer travelers and vacationers world-class food, drinks, sports, accommodations, and other world-class amenities. All of the above mentioned are provided on the premises. Jimbaran hotels are located in different parts of the globe, with most of them located inContinue Reading

A research fellow at the Hoover Institution, David R. Henderson, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss the long-term costs of the pandemic response on young people. Henderson’s op-ed, “Youth Pay a High Price for Covid Protection,” was co-written with Charles L. Hooper and is available in the Wall Street Journal.Continue Reading