Artist Puts Up Her Eggs For Sale As NFT At Art Basel Miami Beach


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Mother of NFTs. This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach has, for the first time ever, been the site for a plethora of non-fungible token artwork, given the category’s recent prominence in the mainstream. Perhaps most fitting of the event’s encouragement for novelty—even being on par with that infamous banana-tape work by Maurizio Cattelan—is this digital collectible that comes with ownership of its creator’s eggs.

For her first NFT, Siberian-born Armenian visual artist Narine Arakelian created a painting embedded with a contract that would transfer the rights of one of her eggs, as first reported by Page Six. The artwork is described as the “first living, eco” NFT and is said to have been minted via “net-zero” and “carbon-negative” means.

Arakelian, 42, bases her art on social and cultural issues, like women and gender stereotypes, choosing to portray it in a mix of visual and performing art with digital technology, so her first-ever NFT seems to be a culmination of her craft.

The artist intends for the buyer to use the egg to conceive a child, and is hoping it goes to a couple who has difficulties giving birth. “I am so happy to bring a child into the world through my artwork,” she shared in a statement. She emphasized that this child would be loved for their life, instead of being viewed as a piece of art.


“My artworks are all my children and the fact this one will actually produce a child is wonderful,” said Arakelian, who has a 21-year-old son. “The art will always mean so much to the buyer because it brought them their child! It will always carry that special memory.”

The art that holds the rights to the egg is part of a three-part wall piece spelling the words “Love, Hope, Live.” Aptly, the contract is hidden in the “Live” part.

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[via Page Six, images via various sources]

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