An Autumn drive through The Hamptons with Cadillac

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We had the chance to take a Cadillac XT4 out for a drive through The Hamptons, and boy were we in for a treat. This has to be one of the smoothest cars we have ever been in and that comes to no surprise when you’re talking about Cadillac. The smooth ride paired with the seamless integration, and intuitive controls made us feel like we were in a cockpit. Anyway, heres the photo story of a drive through The Hamptons, we hope you enjoy!

Photo Oct 10, 5 44 14 PM.jpeg

Photo Oct 10, 4 58 00 PM.jpeg


Photo Oct 10, 12 15 54 PM.jpeg



Photo Oct 10, 12 48 02 PM.jpeg

Photo Oct 10, 1 43 40 PM.jpeg

Photo Oct 10, 4 31 07 PM.jpeg

Photo Oct 11, 12 09 50 PM copy.jpg

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