A British builder filmed inside the massive London venue which Boris Johnson’s government is turning into a coronavirus hospital

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ExCeL Centre London coronavirusTwitter/@EamonnHolmes

  • A worker has released footage showing the inside of the east London venue being turned into a massive new hospital.
  • Boris Johnson’s government is turning the ExCeL centre into a care unit for coronavirus patients.
  • It will be divided into two wards, each capable of treating 2,000 patients.
  • In the footage, worker Alex Woodside says: “If you’re not taking it seriously like I wasn’t, I think we really need to start, because they’re preparing for an absolute high death toll here.”
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A British builder has released footage showing the inside of the conference centre in east London which Boris Johnson’s UK government is turning into a temporary hospital capable of treating up to 4,000 coronavirus patients.

Worker Alex Woodside has filmed the inside of ExCeL centre, which is currently being transformed into the “Nightingale Hospital.”

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