8 Outdoor Essentials to Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Living Room

Can you feel it? Can you feel the creeping warmth of summer settling in? The sun lasts until 7 p.m. now, and cracking the window open at night doesn’t offer the same numbing quality as it once did. If you’re one of the lucky ones with an outdoor space to set up for the season, it’s finally time to start thinking about filling it out.

Now, we spend a lot of time deliberating over how to best reflect ourselves in our homes, but what about our outdoor spaces? While you certainly could create a perfectly functional outdoor setup with some cobbled-together items, we propose looking at it through the lens of designing a living room. And just like a living room, any truly cohesive outdoor “room” contains a specific group of items that make it feel cozy and lived-in. Would you design a living room without a couch? A few mood lighting options? Without a rug? We think not, so we sought out some help determining the core pieces needed for a backyard oasis.


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