6 brands to shop for a cause on International Women’s Day

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Ladies, privilege check: have you been taking for granted the fact that you have an education, can pursue a career and have a right to vote?

Those things don’t apply to every woman in the world yet, but that’s exactly why International Women’s Day exists. This year’s theme, #EachforEqual, highlights the fact that we still have quite a way to go in achieving gender equality. (Check out these stats for a wake up call.) And while you could celebrate the accomplishments of the women you know with a fancy brunch or show your appreciation for others’ musical and literary talents, why not go beyond that by supporting a good cause?

This March, fashion brands are encouraging us to lend a hand to girls and women less fortunate than we are through various charitable initiatives that give back to organisations. It may be in the form of a T-shirt or a bucket hat, but anything you purchase in the list below will make a difference in a fellow woman’s life. Isn’t that fantastic?

Ahead of 8 March, find out all the ways you can shop for a cause below.

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