4 Cambodian Foods Visitors Have to Try

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Cambodian foods are created to show the flare and history of such as rich culture. When people visit this exotic part of the world, it is no wonder that they return raving about all of the delicious cuisines that they get to try while they are abroad.

In this article, we will tell you the 4 best dishes that you must try when you decide to visit Cambodia. Don’t worry, these dishes are packed with flavors and spices that will excite your taste buds.

The Best Way to Enjoy Cambodian Foods

One of the best ways to try all of the cuisines you have to offer is by signing up for the Siem Reap Food Tour when you visit Cambodia. The tour will allow you not only to take in various parts of culture but also to take you to the places where the food provides the best depiction of the Cambodian food culture.

Keep reading to learn about the best Cambodian dishes you may discover on your food tour.

1. Samlor Korkor

This dish is known as a traditional national dish and everything it has to offer to those that visit. It is a dish that is most often tried by and liked by tourists. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you will decide what ingredients and spices will be found in your version of the area’s classic dish.

The soup does incorporate fermented fish known as prahok, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables.

2. Kari Sach Moan

If you’re not familiar with this dish, it is merely their version of chicken curry. Curry tends to have a reddish-orange hued sauce and is known for its smooth texture because of the presence of the curry milk within the curry.

In Cambodia, you’ll find ingredients such as sweet potato and radish incorporated into the dish. Whereas this dish is often served at restaurants in the states, it is typically only served during special occasions in Cambodia.

3. Fish Amok

This dish is a coconut seasoned fish that is to be eaten out of a banana leave. This dish may also be considered a national dish of sorts depending on which area your in and is another dish that incorporates curry paste and coconut milk.

After the ingredients have been mixed together, they are placed within a banana leaf that is in the shape of a cup, and from there, they are steamed.

4. Char Kroeung Sach Ko

If you’re a lover of stir fry, this dish is a must-try, as it is merely beef stir fry. In the dish, lemongrass is used to enhance the flavors of the meat and tie the dish together. The dish also features fresh vegetables and other seasoned spices.

Don’t Miss out on These Culinary Favorites

Cambodian foods are full of flavor that tells a story about the place that they’ve been developed in. To understand the culture of Cambodia, you must visit and try the various foods they have to offer.

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