Even the most casual N.B.A. fans probably remember the classic theme song for games played on NBC during the golden era of 1990s basketball. They’ll almost assuredly recall that it was written by John Tesh, the former television host and composer. Some might even know that it’s called “Roundball Rock.”Continue Reading

The colors of the rainbow spread, leaping from building to building and city to city, first across Germany and then out into the rest of Europe. On Wednesday evening, what might have been a lone statement — a single message of love and defiance — turned into a bright andContinue Reading

Rudy Giuliani, the former personal lawyer for former President Donald Trump who once held one of the legal profession’s most prestigious jobs, was suspended Thursday from practicing law in New York state by an appellate court that found he made “demonstrably false and misleading statements” about the 2020 election.In aContinue Reading

The dynasty ruled England and much of France during the medieval period – monarchs included Henry II, Henry III, Edward II and the boy king Richard II – and their hatred, revenge, jealousy and ambition transformed history. Here, writing for History Extra, historian Dan Jones reveals five things you probably didn’t know about theContinue Reading