Member of Parliament David Amess was stabbed to death during a meeting with constituents at a church in England. Fellow MP Andrew Percy shares memories of his colleague, information on the investigation and the threats to MPs. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: Connect with CBC NewsContinue Reading

“Great Princes, descriptions of Asia widened Europeans’ Emperors, and Kings, Dukes and Marquises, Counts, Knights, and Burgesses, and People of all degrees who desire to get knowledge of the various races of mankind and of the diversities of the sundry regions of the World, take this book and cause itContinue Reading

Historian Marjoleine Kars tells Elinor Evans about a little-known 1763 rebellion by enslaved people in Berbice, in present-day Guyana. Chronicled in her Cundill History Prize-shortlisted book Blood on the River, it was an event that revises our understanding of the actions of enslaved people at the dawn of the AgeContinue Reading

The Hare Krishna adherents have a couple of favorite spots in NYC’s Washington Square Park, and choosing to perform their ritualistic mantra for a few hours when it’s crowded (usually on Fridays and the weekend days) and when the weather is good. They distribute pamphlets to the passerby and toContinue Reading

In all the photographs, there is one constant. In some of the images, Spain’s players stare at the ground, disconsolate, chewing over their loss to France in the final of the Nations League. In others, they give interviews, lead-faced and faintly forlorn. In one, Luis Enrique, their coach, offers respectfulContinue Reading